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Organizing a seminar, conference, brand promotion, or a product launch is not an easy job that is why every event planner needs a solid ready strategy. We have put together a list with the essentials for your corporate event planning. Note to be fully prepared while you planning your next big event. Make sure you consider all your event variables and get your team on the same page to stun on your upcoming events and impress your team.


Read on for the big 5 essentials


Define your objectives


This is probably the most important step you need to prepare before you begin planning your event. Who, what, how, when and why? These are the questions you will need to ask yourself in order to set your objectives. As an event and planning company we will give you the answers… Let’s break it down.


WHO will attend and who will organize your event? Answering these questions and knowing the guest count you expect to attend will determine a majority of your decision making.


WHAT your event will be about and what is your events name? It is very important to keep the of your event while planning takes process.


The third question is HOW do you intend to get the word out there; better yet how will you market your event? Here lays the event budget! You will need to think critically your event budget needs (We can be your little secret since we can hire your equipment and save your pocket).


WHEN is your event? Keep in mind your target audience and find out which date and time is best for them to attend your event since almost the majority of people do not show up to confirmed events.


The final question is WHY are you having an event in the first place? You should always keep the event purpose in mind all the way planning and do not forget until the big day.


Planning your Event


There are five things you need to consider while budgeting:

  • RESEARCH your costs in advance
  • COME UP with an overall amount
  • ESTIMATE the costs for each category
  • DO NOT overlook small costs.
  • CREATE a contingency plan


An organized planner is a happy planner! There are three important task we keep in mind when creating an event checklist. You will need to

  • Assign tasks to your team
  • Keep an outline of your progress
  • Create a to-do list to manage and monitor your planning progress
  • Promote your event through various media channels to your target group.

Plan B

To avoid the panic of a potential disaster plan ahead the essentials you will need for the event such as catering and AV equipment. After all you don’t want to be stuck with a projecting screen or have your guests hungry. But consider that you must always have a plan B.


Catering Services for Events

Communication is the key

The most effective event planners are the best communicators. When planning an event, we not only communicate with our team but with our suppliers too. Keep in mind that as the leader of your event planning team the responsibility for the success or failure of your event is in your hands. After all, event planners are hired because they are valued for their attention to detail.

There is a possibility that a small mistake or bad communication could result in potential failure so it’s best to communicate all the details with your team and ensure that everything is monitored.

In short, plan for the worst and aim for the best, remember to always think ahead and never forget that there’s no ‘I’ in a team. Work together and communicate.




One of the most moving moments of the wedding. Surrounded by family and friends, the revival of the customs of our tradition is one of the moments we remember forever. The main customs that remained regarding the wedding are the groom and the bride adornment, the living, the smoking, the dancing of the clothes and the shaving of the groom.

  Shout at him… and the father arrives proud and arrogant, with a smile to his ears, to smoke, to live and to give his child the wish for his new beginning.

  Shout out to mom… ah right now! Mother's tears of joy are ready to run! The mother crosses her child with the red handkerchief to give him her wish, to say goodbye to his father and to smoke it to protect him from the evil eye.

  And the best man and the best woman arrive, who in turn play their own role in the whole process of the belts. It is throughout the ritual of the vestment next to the bride and groom. The best man will dress, shave and fit the groom. On the other hand, the best man will put on the bride's shoes, help her with the arrow and fit her.

  And if some of you shudder just to hear the "belts", think of the emotion and joy you will give to your own people by reviving this ritual before Isaiah's dance.

And if you are still looking for everything about marriage, PartyCity can make it all easy for you!


 Wedding Planning


It’s that time of the year again where kids and adults can be their alter egos by dressing up anything that comes into their imagination, and the perfect excuse to throw amazing parties! Step right up and take a look at these fun and fabulous theme party ideas we put up for you. Parties are our forte.



Add a theme to your decoration. Organize a themed party based on movies or characters you like and challenge your guests for the best costume ideas. Themed parties are a success when you have the right decoration to transport your guests to another era, time or place in the world. 


Create an atmosphere for your party by adding special effects if you like to make the experience real as possible. Plus! It shows that you run that extra mile to make your party a success. Make kinky cocktails with LED ice cubes and smoking drinks and take your party on another dimension.


You don’t want to starve your guests at the party so a little snacking never hurt no one! You could choose a catering service with us or you can easily hire food stations at your party and make burgers or hot-dogs for your guests. For those who have a thing for candy Cotton candy, Snow cones and Popcorn is also an awesome idea.




Here at PartyCity we can take your party in any location you like, so if you want an outdoor carnival party, how about a fabulous party tent under some fairy lights? You can rent a tent and have a pay-per-drink bar or an open bar. You can serve virgin beverages, wine, champagne and cocktails. Don’t worry if you don’t a bar! We got a selection of bars on our website. If are planning an indoor Carnival party then you can use different color lights to light up your walls, curtains and tables. 


What’s a good party without photos? Don’t make your guests use their phones to take selfies all night. Hire a photo booth!They are always fun. What’s a city without a party?

This February 14th, surprise your better half with one of these creative Valentine's Day gift ideas from PartyCity. Dare to plan a romantic evening at home instead of doing something cliche like going out to a restaurant. 

Here ar6 ideas to celebrate love:

Avoid stressing yourself on making restaurant reservations and plan a romantic evening at home. It’s the little things that count, a cake that says “I love you”, monogramed chocolates or a helium-filled balloon  of each month you’ve been together. Roses mean a lot and you can say so much with flowers; but you can try something different like decorating the house with crystal candle-holders  and create a romantic yet elegant atmosphere.

If the birthday of your better half is around the day and want to throw him/her a party, you can use special effects to amaze your guests and your sweetheart like bubble machines  and confetti blowers. You can go all out, plan the entire day for them and completely surprise them. 

Outdoor romantic surprises could be an awesome idea too if you are bored to sit at home. You can plan a romantic dinner on the beach or in a remote area and have a romantic evening under the stars. If you are worried of the cold how about a bonfire to warm you up ?

Horse-drawn carriages  and champagne with a cozy blanket? Or a private sail boat?  Here is where you have a 50 shades moment with your sunshine.

This Valentines be a little bit different. Celebrate, but in your own way. Show up with a jazz band or at her doorstep or hire a solo guitar player to serenade her.

How about a giant GOBO projection of a personal message for your sweetheart? You can say a lot with special effects, a gesture that shows you care.

The possibilities are endless for this Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to miss out on doing something special. You can be romantic or go a little bit crazy, after all Valentine’s Day is an extravagant day of celebration.

You can find everything you are looking for, and much more, here at PartyCity .



It’s getting closer to your wedding day and it is time to prepare your seating plan. If you're having 30 guests at a buffet, you may not want to assign specific seats to people. But if you're having 80 guests or more and serving a seated meal, you'll definitely want to make sure everyone's got a specific place to sit. Why?  Most people like to know where they're sitting and who they are sitting next to. It's also helpful if you're serving several different choices, because the caterer - you can find amazing catering services through PartyCityCY- can figure out beforehand how many dishes a table gets, because they know who's sitting there. 

Read on for stress-free tips on how to seat your guests.  


There are plenty of couples who have been sitting the night before the wedding just starting their seating plans. It’s OK to make last minute changes but have the chart done at least a week before the big day, trust us it’s a lot of work. 





If you haven't already created a spreadsheet, insert a column into your guest list document categorizing all the invitees by relationship. Start with your friends, and family, your partner's friends, your partner's family, your family friends, your partner's family friends and so on. This way, you'll be able to easily sort the list and break it down into more reasonable table mixtures. After you are done with that task you will need to separate these lists into distinct tables. 




Grab your pen and paper. You could get sticky notes and place them accordingly or draw circles on a big sheet of paper and write names inside, visualizing as if they are the tables at the dinner. To avoid confusions at the dinner ceremony it is best if you create a seating board with the guest names and the table numbers. You could also place a seating card on the guest plates if you want to specify their sit on the table to dodge any misunderstandings about who is going to sit on which chair.

The head table is customarily long and straight and is usually set up facing all the reception tables. Traditionally, the newlyweds sit in the middle (where everyone can see them), with the maid of honor, best man and the parents. But you don't have to do it that way.   It could be a situation where simply family members don’t get along. Maybe they haven’t spoken in years or they had a past argument. Clearly you want them as far away from each other as possible. You should keep in mind these types of family feuds before you start building your chart. 


If you are considering inviting old high school friends it may be a good idea to arrange a little get together before the big day to avoid any awkward moments at the dinner table, after all, you want everyone to have a good time! Plus! it will give them the opportunity to catch up.