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Organizing a seminar, conference, brand promotion, or a product launch is not an easy job that is why every event planner needs a solid ready strategy. We have put together a list with the essentials for your corporate event planning. Note to be fully prepared while you planning your next big event. Make sure you consider all your event variables and get your team on the same page to stun on your upcoming events and impress your team.


Read on for the big 5 essentials


Define your objectives


This is probably the most important step you need to prepare before you begin planning your event. Who, what, how, when and why? These are the questions you will need to ask yourself in order to set your objectives. As an event and planning company we will give you the answers… Let’s break it down.


WHO will attend and who will organize your event? Answering these questions and knowing the guest count you expect to attend will determine a majority of your decision making.


WHAT your event will be about and what is your events name? It is very important to keep the of your event while planning takes process.


The third question is HOW do you intend to get the word out there; better yet how will you market your event? Here lays the event budget! You will need to think critically your event budget needs (We can be your little secret since we can hire your equipment and save your pocket).


WHEN is your event? Keep in mind your target audience and find out which date and time is best for them to attend your event since almost the majority of people do not show up to confirmed events.


The final question is WHY are you having an event in the first place? You should always keep the event purpose in mind all the way planning and do not forget until the big day.


Planning your Event


There are five things you need to consider while budgeting:

  • RESEARCH your costs in advance
  • COME UP with an overall amount
  • ESTIMATE the costs for each category
  • DO NOT overlook small costs.
  • CREATE a contingency plan


An organized planner is a happy planner! There are three important task we keep in mind when creating an event checklist. You will need to

  • Assign tasks to your team
  • Keep an outline of your progress
  • Create a to-do list to manage and monitor your planning progress
  • Promote your event through various media channels to your target group.

Plan B

To avoid the panic of a potential disaster plan ahead the essentials you will need for the event such as catering and AV equipment. After all you don’t want to be stuck with a projecting screen or have your guests hungry. But consider that you must always have a plan B.


Catering Services for Events

Communication is the key

The most effective event planners are the best communicators. When planning an event, we not only communicate with our team but with our suppliers too. Keep in mind that as the leader of your event planning team the responsibility for the success or failure of your event is in your hands. After all, event planners are hired because they are valued for their attention to detail.

There is a possibility that a small mistake or bad communication could result in potential failure so it’s best to communicate all the details with your team and ensure that everything is monitored.

In short, plan for the worst and aim for the best, remember to always think ahead and never forget that there’s no ‘I’ in a team. Work together and communicate.