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It’s that time of the year again where kids and adults can be their alter egos by dressing up anything that comes into their imagination, and the perfect excuse to throw amazing parties! Step right up and take a look at these fun and fabulous theme party ideas we put up for you. Parties are our forte.



Add a theme to your decoration. Organize a themed party based on movies or characters you like and challenge your guests for the best costume ideas. Themed parties are a success when you have the right decoration to transport your guests to another era, time or place in the world. 


Create an atmosphere for your party by adding special effects if you like to make the experience real as possible. Plus! It shows that you run that extra mile to make your party a success. Make kinky cocktails with LED ice cubes and smoking drinks and take your party on another dimension.


You don’t want to starve your guests at the party so a little snacking never hurt no one! You could choose a catering service with us or you can easily hire food stations at your party and make burgers or hot-dogs for your guests. For those who have a thing for candy Cotton candy, Snow cones and Popcorn is also an awesome idea.




Here at PartyCity we can take your party in any location you like, so if you want an outdoor carnival party, how about a fabulous party tent under some fairy lights? You can rent a tent and have a pay-per-drink bar or an open bar. You can serve virgin beverages, wine, champagne and cocktails. Don’t worry if you don’t a bar! We got a selection of bars on our website. If are planning an indoor Carnival party then you can use different color lights to light up your walls, curtains and tables. 


What’s a good party without photos? Don’t make your guests use their phones to take selfies all night. Hire a photo booth!They are always fun. What’s a city without a party?