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This February 14th, surprise your better half with one of these creative Valentine's Day gift ideas from PartyCity. Dare to plan a romantic evening at home instead of doing something cliche like going out to a restaurant. 

Here ar6 ideas to celebrate love:

Avoid stressing yourself on making restaurant reservations and plan a romantic evening at home. It’s the little things that count, a cake that says “I love you”, monogramed chocolates or a helium-filled balloon  of each month you’ve been together. Roses mean a lot and you can say so much with flowers; but you can try something different like decorating the house with crystal candle-holders  and create a romantic yet elegant atmosphere.

If the birthday of your better half is around the day and want to throw him/her a party, you can use special effects to amaze your guests and your sweetheart like bubble machines  and confetti blowers. You can go all out, plan the entire day for them and completely surprise them. 

Outdoor romantic surprises could be an awesome idea too if you are bored to sit at home. You can plan a romantic dinner on the beach or in a remote area and have a romantic evening under the stars. If you are worried of the cold how about a bonfire to warm you up ?

Horse-drawn carriages  and champagne with a cozy blanket? Or a private sail boat?  Here is where you have a 50 shades moment with your sunshine.

This Valentines be a little bit different. Celebrate, but in your own way. Show up with a jazz band or at her doorstep or hire a solo guitar player to serenade her.

How about a giant GOBO projection of a personal message for your sweetheart? You can say a lot with special effects, a gesture that shows you care.

The possibilities are endless for this Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to miss out on doing something special. You can be romantic or go a little bit crazy, after all Valentine’s Day is an extravagant day of celebration.

You can find everything you are looking for, and much more, here at PartyCity .