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One of the most moving moments of the wedding. Surrounded by family and friends, the revival of the customs of our tradition is one of the moments we remember forever. The main customs that remained regarding the wedding are the groom and the bride adornment, the living, the smoking, the dancing of the clothes and the shaving of the groom.

  Shout at him… and the father arrives proud and arrogant, with a smile to his ears, to smoke, to live and to give his child the wish for his new beginning.

  Shout out to mom… ah right now! Mother's tears of joy are ready to run! The mother crosses her child with the red handkerchief to give him her wish, to say goodbye to his father and to smoke it to protect him from the evil eye.

  And the best man and the best woman arrive, who in turn play their own role in the whole process of the belts. It is throughout the ritual of the vestment next to the bride and groom. The best man will dress, shave and fit the groom. On the other hand, the best man will put on the bride's shoes, help her with the arrow and fit her.

  And if some of you shudder just to hear the "belts", think of the emotion and joy you will give to your own people by reviving this ritual before Isaiah's dance.

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