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Четверг, 15 июня 2023 11:38

Tire pulled game

Tire pulled game

One tire, one workout belt and 4  cones

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Четверг, 15 июня 2023 11:24

Commando Crawl Net Game

Commando Crawl Net Game


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Четверг, 15 июня 2023 11:19

Balance battle Game

Balance battle Game

Ballet base, think wood to stand on plate with handle on bottom for balancing balls.

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Четверг, 15 июня 2023 11:06

Unlock game Box

Unlock game Box

With chain and 12 locks

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Среда, 08 февраля 2023 14:18

Kids Sofa

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Вторник, 08 марта 2022 19:36

Fort Boyard

Quest based on the famous TV show "Fort Boyard". Teams have to pass 12 missions, of varying difficulty, prepared for them by the guardian of the Fort - the elder Fura. And get 12 keys of the fort. Solve the insidious riddles of the Fura and fight in a duel with the master of Shadows - Metro. Also, find clues to guess the "word is the key" from the treasury and take the gold from the Fort. The Fort Boyard program includes: photo zone, while guests are gathering, they can take memorable photos; incredible themed props and decorations; a presenter who will lead the game and help the players reach the goal.

Вторник, 08 марта 2022 19:29

Steampunk show

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Steampunk, simulating an alternative scenario for the development of mankind, where not electronic technologies rule, but the best achievements of mechanics. Perfect steam engines, intricate mechanical devices, powerful engines ... You can also see and feel all the power and greatness of Tesla's emitter, deal with the complex mechanisms of Goldberg, blow up the airship with a laser and shoot from the Stimblaster. In the program: Props in the style of Steampunk The work of 2 professional presenters Cryo tricks with liquid nitrogen (temperature - 195 ° C) Shooting with a cryoblaster (cannon firing cold smoke up to 8 m long) Tesla show Launching giant smoke rings Demonstration of complex mechanical devices Nitrogen explosion, during which a column of smoke rises several meters high Lighting design Smoke effects Thematic music that creates the effect of immersion in another reality

Вторник, 08 марта 2022 19:16

Graffiti party

Graffiti? Why not! A bright and modern version of the program for the event. Children create a large graffiti on the chosen theme; With music and animator, the teens create their own graffiti, which will remain as a gift to the birthday boy/girl. Do you want an idea of interesting gift for a teenager? A huge graffiti picture with favorite hero / movie / game or any other theme. And if the graffiti is drawn by the teenager himself and his friends? This gift will be a good reminder of the party. From 7 years 45 minute - 1 hour
Вторник, 08 марта 2022 18:10

Mirror Rabbit

This guy provides great, yet a bit naughty meet & greet, mingling with guests at the venue and encourage everybody to hit the dance floor.

He works together with Mirror Unicorns or with Mirror People making their glamorous vibes stronger!

A must add-on for any parties, where some craziness is required :)

Duration: 1 hour


Вторник, 08 марта 2022 17:59

Mirror Unicorns

Mirror Unicorns make heads turn wherever they go.

With stunning sparkly costumes and amazing masks, our Mirror Unicorns are the perfect example of when fantasy meets luxury.
If you want to make a huge impress, these walkabouts are a great choice.

Unicorns are available for meet&greet, flashmobs, dancing on stage, guiding your guests, posing for photos.

Also they have a performance dance for 4 min .

Duration: 1 hour

You can also choose any character that you like:

Mirror Boy + Mirror rabbit 

Mirror boy + mirror girl

Or mirror tigers

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