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HarNeo Photography Studio

One of the most beautiful times of our life. Moments of joy and emotion!
Let us immortalize these moments and create live and indelible memories for a lifetime. 
Experience and quality of equipment (digital means of inscription of photography-video) constitute the best guarantee for an actual irreproachable result which you could share with your loving people. 
Communication with the client. We absolutely respect the wishes of our clients in order to deliver them the result that they wish. Our work doesn't stop to the church or the reception�We elaborate every moment of the video and every photograph in order to give the desirable result. 
Every detail is significant. Every work is a personal matter for us. Digital albums of wedding, engagement and christening. Having knowledge of the technology of electronic elaboration and having the appropriate tools and machinery of latest technology we could give you new variances that you couldn't imagine to the final result. 

Montage, 3d titles, animation frames, sound elaboration and more.
Digital photographing to external places or to Studio-Video.
Choose according to your needs and demands the package that suits you. 

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