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Magic Mirror Photobooth


The Magic Mirror Photobooth


The Magic Mirror -Is the latest “to have” at parties and is popular within retail environments. Stand in front of the mirror and touch the specially integrated touch screen to take a full-length photo. Once your photo has been captured, personalise your photo with paint, by drawing a picture or scribbling a message on screen. The Magic Photo Mirror also has a selection of emoji stamps you can add to your drawings. Collect your prints in less than 10 seconds.

Photo booth technology just levelled up! Say hello to the most effective, attractive and engaging way to entertain guests at your event. Highly portable and suitable for any space, the magic Mirror Photo Booth looks deceptively like any other mirror at a glance. But with an intuitive user interface and a hi-res concealed camera, it’s the perfect way to entertain even the most cynical guests. This Magic Mirror is guaranteed to have a queue of eager guests waiting to enjoy their turn. Brand new to Cyprus, we’re certain it will become a firm favourite

Dimensions: 1.65m (H) 1.01m (W) 0.65m (D) 


















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