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Luxury Toilet Trailer Black

Luxury Toilet Trailer Black (2.85H x 1.8W x 4.3L)

With two toilets, fully self contain, with 250L water tank, 500L waste recycled tank, battery or electric power operated.

Add bathroom attendant @ 75 euro - for up to 5 hours - including all supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, soap and air freshener)

Add toilet accessories:

                                - cloth towels @ 1 euro each

                                - Perfume @ 20 euro

                                - Cologne @ 20 euro

                                - Mint candies @ 15 euro

                                - Outdoor accessories table @ 50 euro


Add toilet wall: 5x3m printed pvc with the theme of your choice to be set in front of the toilet trailer @ 300 euro

Cover up to 150 quests based on use.
Note: PartyCity is not responsible for any fault operation due to waste paper blocking or water overuse. 

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