Cyprus party city


Plated Menus



Minimum of 50 Persons Required

Menu Selections Include Rolls & Butter, Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee and a Selection of Hot Teas.



Cream of wild mushrooms

Tomato soup scented with gin and basil

Cream of celery with gorgonzola cheese

Gazpaccio ( cold)

Cream of vegetables topped with fried onions

Potato and leek topped with fried leeks

Yogurt & cucumber with fresh mint( cold)

/ person



Trattoria salad with italian dressing

Rocket salad with sun dried tomatoes and parmesan shavings – balsamic dressing

Goat cheese on a bed of greens with fig balsamic glaze

Fresh garden greens with cherry tomatoes, croutons, crispy bacon and caesar dressing

Seafood salad with crispy greens and olive oil dressing

Rocket leaves with grilled halloumi Cheese and carob honey

Greek Village Salad with fetta cheese and oregano

 / person




Smoked salmon served with green leaves and lemon mustard dressing with dill

Mozzarella caprese with basil oil

Grilled vegetables with herbed goat cheese and rucola pesto

Prosciutto served with melon

Italian antipasti plate ( prosciutto, salami, mozzarella, grilled artichokes and cherry tomatoes)

Smoked duck and asparagus served with strawbbery balsamic glaze

Smoked salmon timbale with garden greens

Parmesan basket filled with rocket leaves, dried apricots and balsamic reduction

Avocado and shrimp timbale served on garden greens with mustard dressing

Foie gras and apple terine with sautern jelly



Duck foie gras  with onion marmalade on brioche served with greens and fig glaze

Saffron risotto with asparagus and parmesan slivers

Mushroom risotto drizzled with truffle oil and parmesan

Ricotta ravioli with  rocket cream sauce

Seared king scallops with artichoke ragout in saffron sauce 

 / person




Any kind of fruit sorbet

 / person




Lamb, Veal & Pork

Herb crusted lamb chops with mashed potato and ratatouille 

Roast milk fed veal loin with morel sauce accompanied by roast herbed potatoes and vegetables 

Medallion of pork with sage sauce accompanied with rice and seasonal vegetables 

Medallion of pork gratinated with mozzarella served with basil cream sauce served with rice and seasonal vegetables

Roast pork fillet wrapped in chicken mouseline served on vegetable  linguini with chateux  potatoes and creamy marjoram sauce 



Chicken filled with mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes served with tomato basil sauce 

Chicken filled with spinach and fetta cheese  served with tomato coullis in butter herb sauce 

Grilled chicken with roast garlic sauce served with chateux potatoes and seasonal  vegetables

Duck breast with  sweet port wine reduction on a potato  vanilla rosti  



Fillet Mignons on mashed herbed potatoes served with wine emulsion and vegetables 

Roast tenderloin of beef served on wild mushroom ragout with thyme sauce 

Beef fillet on stir fried vegetables with black bean sauce and basmati rice 

Beef Tournedo with Roquefort sauce served with chateaux potatoes and seasonal vegetables 

Beef tournedo topped with foie grass served with balsamic sauce 



Baked norwegian salmon topped with herb crust served on chard leaves and potato parisienes

Baked norwegian salmon on herbed potato and pumpkin mashed rounded with tomato coullis  in butter rosemary sauce 

Steamed perch fillet served on spinach leaves with saffron sauce and vegetable pearls 

Fresh seabass fillet on parsley pesto sauce served with seasonal vegetables and steamed potatoes 

Jumbo prawns with provencale sauce, served with vegetable fettuccini and parsley potatoes

Steamed Lobster tail with lemon grass and thai basil sauce, served with julienne vegetables and jasmine rice 



Steamed chicken lime with prawns served with herb sauce on a bed of vegetable linguini

Duck breast & Roast Pork fillet served with commandaria and berries sauce 

Fillet Mignon & Jumbo prawns served with fresh pepper mouseline

Chicken fillet & Pork medallions served with basil mushroom sauce 



Stir fried vegetables with ginger and oyster sauce, served in popodum basket with basmati rice 

Vegetarean thai curry with jasmine rice 



Fyllo tower filled with anari mousse served with cinnamon vanilla sauce

Strawberry shortcake with honey yogurt ice cream

Panna cotta with raspberries


Chocolate cake

Morello cheese cake

White chocolate and passion fruit mousse

Coconut and mango parfait

Apple pie with cream

Fresh fruit salad scented with coconut rum

Forest fruit cheese cake

Fruit platter with prickly pear ice cream

Poached rear in red wine served with cinnamon ice cream and wine syrop

Mini pastries tower plate

Ginger & Vanilla cream brule

/ person

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