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A la Carte Cocktail Reception Menus




Marinated salmon tartar on mini tartlet

Smoked salmon cornets on whole wheat baguette

Raita spoon with Cajun prawn

Smoked Mackerel on Brown baguette with sour cream

Poached shrimp with cocktail sauce


Prosciutto cornets with melon on white bread

Salami cornets with cocktail onions

Smoked turkey breast with grape

Smoked duck breast wrapped on fresh fig (seasonal)

Pork fillet with commandaria jelly on white bread


Gazpacho soup Shooters

Roast Vegetable with olive oil and herbs in a spoon

Camembert cheese on baguette with walnuts

Mini mozzarella caprese

Mini choux filled with fetta mousse



Butterfly prawns with sweet chilly sauce

Prawns kebab

Coconut Shrimp with Thai curry


Beef sate

Middle east Koupes with pork

Middle east Koupes wtih mushroom

Halloumi wraped with bacon

Chicken drumsticks with BBQ sauce

Cajun chicken

Chicken tandoori kebabs

Pork satay with spicy peanut sauce

Lebanese kofta (chopped meat with spices on a stick)

Pork Meatballs



Breaded mozzarella sticks

Spring rolls with sweet & sour sauce

Vegetable samosas (triangle phyllo pastry filled with vegetables and spices) served with yogurt dip

Breaded mushrooms with garlic sauce

Vegetable pies

Fetta cheese pies



Mini éclair

Mini coque 

Mini fruit tartlets

Mini chocolate tartlets

Mini Brownies

Mini choux

Strawberries covered with dark and white chocolate (seasonal)




Minimum of 50 Persons Required


International Cheese display
Assortment of local and imported cheeses accompanied with crackers, kritsinia, and grapes

/ person


Cruidite display with dips

/ person

Charcuterie Display
Salami, prochiutto, Hiromeri, Turkey breast, Smoked porkloin
Served with pickles, gherkins and onions

 / person


Smoked fish display

Marinated salmon, Smoked salmon and smoked mackerel

Served with capers and sour cream

/ person

Exotic Fruit display
Seasonal fruit displayed in extraordinary presentation

/ person

Seafood on Ice
Oysters, Shrimp, Clams
Served with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce and chilly sauce

/ person




Minimum of 50 Persons Required

(Chef is required for every 100 guests)

Pasta Station #1

Pasta (choice of two)

Penne, Farfale, Tortenllini, Rigatoni

Sauce (choice of two)

Napolitane (tomato and basil sauce)OR Carbonara(fresch cream with panceta)OR Pesto(basi, pinenuts, parmesan cheese and olive oil)OR Arabiatta(tomato sauce with peppers and chilli)OR Siciliana(eggplants , green peppers and capers in tomato sauce)ORAl fredo( cream , parsley  and parmesan cheese)ORMarinara(seafood and tomato sauce)ORDi Founghi(wild mushroom sauce)ORBolognaise(beef mince meat with red wine and tomato)ORSmoked salmoncream sauce with chives

Bread Sticks and assortment of grated cheeses

Chopped Red, Green, Chili and Yellow Peppers and Onions, Sliced Sausage and Pepperoni

/ person


Pasta Station #2

Pasta (choice of two)

Penne, Farfale, Rigatoni

Sauce (choice of two)

Napolitane(tomato and basil sauce) OR Carbonara(fresch cream with panceta)

ORPesto (basi, pinenuts, parmesan cheese and olive oil) OR Arabiatta(tomato sauce with peppers and chilli) OR Siciliana(eggplants , green peppers and capers in tomato sauce)OR Al fredo ( cream , parsley  and parmesan cheese)

Bread Sticks and assortment of grated cheeses

/ person

Caramelized Gamon
Served with Dijon Mustard

 / Person


Pork OR Chicken OR Beef Gyro
Served with zanziki sauce, tahini, tzatziki,  tirokafteri, onions, tomatoes, parsley, garlic mayonnaise and pita bread

/ Person

Roast beef sirloin
Served with Mustard

/ person

Roast leg of lumb with herbs
Served with mint sauce

/ person


Roast leg of lamb care provencale

 / person

Minimum of 50 Persons Required


Fondue Station

Dark and White Chocolate Fondue

Pound Cake, Seasonal Fruit, Brownies & Marshmallows

 / person


Greek Dessert Station

Baclava, Kataifi, Galaktopoureko, Gliko koutaliou, Rizogalo, Halouva

 / person


Viennese Pastry Table (Choice of six)

Baclava, Kataifi, Galaktopoureko, Daktila , Pishies

Tiramisou, Chocolate cake, Cheese cake, Black forest, Fruit cake

Apple pie

Gliko koutaliou



Chocolate Eclairs

Cream Puffs

Assorted Mousses

Assorted Petit Fours

Panna cotta with raspberries

White chocolate and passion fruit mousse

Coconut and mango parfait

Fresh fruit salad scented with coconut rum

/ Person 



(Chef is required for every 100 guests @ 75 euro each)

Sunday Station

Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream

With Chocolate, Caramel and Strawberry sauces

Chocolate flakes, Croquant, M&M’s and Whipped Cream

 / Person


Crepe Station

Bananas Foster, Grand Marnier, Chocolate

Ice cream and Whipped Cream

 / person


Locumades Station

/ person



For minimum 50 guests




Butler pass and displayed Hors d’oeuvres (15 pcs per person)

Smoked salmon cornets on whole wheat baguette (c)

Halloumi wraped with bacon (c)

Mini mozzarella caprese (c)

Prawns kebab (h)

Beef sate(h)

Middle east Koupes with pork(h)

Chicken tandoori kebabs (h)

Prosciutto cornets with melon on white bread(h)

Variety of mini pastries



Two hours open bar serving house beer, wine and soft drinks

Butler pass house wine


(EXTRA for every additional bar hour)




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