Pavlos Pavlou

Pavlos Pavlou

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Tiki umbrella



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Weight Loss 1:1 Diet

The 1:1 Diet with Ero Theodoulou

Consultant for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan in Ayioi Omologites District, Nicosia / Σύμβουλος της The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan in Nicosia


Hi! Welcome to the fascinating world of the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Like many people out there, I went through the difficulty of being overweight in many phases of my life. Constantly struggling with weight gain throughout the years, feeling depressed and uncomfortable with myself and losing my self-confidence became part of my life and daily routine … until I came across The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan through a close relative of mine. She used to suffer from severe health issues and still managed to lose weight and become the amazing person she always dreamed of and indeed is.

Just after I offered myself one of the best gifts in my life - that is quitting smoking - I gained 10 kg! I felt that I could not follow another tough weight loss plan …. so I simply didn’t! Instead, I joined the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan family. Since 2016, I maintain my weight feeling healthy, exercising regularly and enjoying life.

This was also one of the main reasons I decided to become a 1:1 Diet Consultant. My mission is to offer other people the gift of feeling healthy and loving themselves! Together we will achieve the goals that we will set and I will help you follow and sustain those goals through the wonderful and delicious “food world” of the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Stay safe .. stay healthy .. stay sweet and wonderful .. become the person you know you are! Together we can do it!

Contact us for quotation.

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Bar - Wooden White Barrel

Bar Wooden White Barrel (200cmL x 60cmW x 110cm H)


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Want to have a Smash Therapy session for 20 or more people?

​Have a pop up smash event at your desired location. Perfect for corporate events, employee appreciation, celebrations, etc.

​Take a break in our Pop Up Smash Room. 


Participants are calculated per time frame. (Up to 24 people can be accommodated in one hour per tent

​Safety gear, weapons and breakables supplied

​All participants must sign a waiver

*We will need an outside or indoor area of 25 square meter + length to set up 

*Access to a dumpster 

*Access to outlets




  • How many people can be in the pop up room at once? 1 person can be on the electronics side and 1 person can be on the glass side (sides are separated by a curtain wall)
  • How much time do you get in the pop up room? We don't want to time it since we're on your time but ideally 5 minutes or less is standard per person. 
  • What items will we be breaking? You will have a choice between glass or electronics
  • What weapons can we use? Because there is limited swinging space, weapons will be limited to mini hammers, bats, and short metal bars 
  • How many items in total will we get as a party? Total item number will be based on time frame and number of tents booked. Up to 24 people per hour per tent will be the number of items procured. 
  • What safety gear is included? Shields and gloves are provided to protect the eyes and hands
  • What COVID_19 precautions are taken?  Head gears/shields are sanitized between each use. Gloves are used once. Weapons are wiped down between uses and encouraged to be touched with gloved hands. If there is a line, we will promote social distancing with markers on the ground of 6 feet.
  • How do I get additional questions answered? Please email 


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Money Box

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Traditional Cypriot Games

Let’s show our children what were the Greek Traditional Games we used to play in our neighborhoods and parties. Through 30 Greek traditional games we teach them team spirit and simple ways of having fun. We mention some of these games here:
1.   "Vasilea"
2.   "Rope jump"
3.   "Vasilitzia"
4.   "Mirmillos"
5.   "Ziziros"

1. Egg Race


Also, for advanced players: "i makria gaidoura". You'll know what we mean once you see it.

We recommend two entertainers for a more dynamic program. This way the games are organized better, the jokes are funnier as we have practiced as a duet, supervision is made easier and safer, and photos look more lively as well.

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art Board

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Board Ball Toss

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Mulled wine pot Multitherm

20000ml, 61x26.5 cm 


Housing and cover made of 18/10 chrome-nickel stainless steel, rustproof. Ideal for keeping mulled wine, Jagertee or hot water for tea warm. Infinitely variable temperature control from 30 ° to 90 ° C, warranty 2 years, plug: safety plug. 3 stickers "mulled wine", "water" and "Jagertee" are included in the scope of delivery.

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