Plane Banner Towing

Up to 1 hour 1000 (letters)

Up to 2 hours 1800 (letters, same message)

Up to 3 hours 2600 (letters, same message)


From 1 to 50 hours an additional cost for the billboard of 2000 is required

For 51 hours and above a billboard up to 50 square meters is included


Letters 150cm x 100cm up to 33 letters (Greek or English)

Billboard 150cm x 3300 cm (we can print anything)

Billboard 300cm x 1600 cm (we can print anything)

Positioning fees for Limassol area is 100 per pick up and 150 for Paphos area

Payments up to 10 hours                     - in advance (letters)

Payments from 11 to 50 hours             - 50% in advance and 50% as soon as the 25 hours completed (letters)

Payments from 51 hours and above    - 35% in advance, 35% once the first 35% of the hours in completed and 30% once 70% of the total

                                                               hours is completed

*VAT is not included in the above prices


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